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his dress generally consisted of a shirt, tamad (trousers), a piece of plain rectangular cloth  wrapped around the shoulders and a turban. on rare occasions, he would put on costly robes presented to him by foreign emissaries in the later part of his life (ahmed, musnad, hafiz bin qaiyyam).

his blanket had several patches (tirmizi). he had very few spare clothes, but he kept them spotlessy clean (bukhari). he wanted others also to put on simple but clean clothes. once he saw a person putting on dirty clothes and remarked,

"why can't this man wash them." (abu dawud, chapter "dress").
on another occasion he enquired of a person in dirty clothes whether he had any income. upon getting a reply in the affirmative, he observed,
"when allah has blessed you with his bounty, your appearence should reflect it." (abu dawud)
he believed :
"cleanliness is piety".
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