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Were The Children Of Israel Exclusively The Chosen?

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the bible talks with clear contradiction about salvation.  according to john, jesus (pbuh) told the samaritan woman in his talk about the messiah: "for salvation is from the jews." (john: 4/22). however, this issue has been refuted by many other biblical texts, which throw suspicion as to whether or not this statement was actually uttered by jesus, especially, that it is clear it was inserted into the text.

it is important to mention, at this point, the holy bible's texts that indicate the possibility of transferring the prophet-hood from the children of israel to another nation like the arabs.

god had sent many prophets to the children of israel, and they denied and killed them. let us ponder upon what the prophets said about this rebellious nation, to see if they were worthy of keeping the blessing. moses said about them: "for they are a nation void of counsel, and there is no understanding in them.” (deuteronomy: 32/28).

he said, “they are a crooked and twisted generation. do you thus repay the lord, you foolish and senseless people?” (deuteronomy: 32/5-6).

the prophet elijah said: "he said, “i have been very jealous for the lord, the god of hosts. for  the people of israel have forsaken your covenant, thrown down your altars, and killed your prophets with the sword, and i, even i only, am left, and they seek my life, to take it away." (1kings: 19/10).


god's description of them in the prophet ezekiel's book is the same: "and he said to me, "son of man, i send you to the people of israel, to nations of rebels, who have rebelled against me. they and their fathers have transgressed against me to this very day. the descendants also are impudent and stubborn: i send you to them, and you shall say to them, 'thus says the lord god.' whether they hear or refuse to hear (for they are a rebellious house) they will know that a prophet has been among them. and you, son of man, be not afraid of them, nor be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns are with you and you sit on scorpions. be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, for they are a rebellious house. and you shall speak my words to them, whether they hear or refuse to hear, for they are a rebellious house. (ezekiel: 2/3-8)

similarly, the prophet isaiah said, " hear, o heavens, and give ear, o earth: for the lord hath spoken, “children have i reared and brought up, but they have rebelled against me.  the ox knows its owner, and the donkey his master's crib, but israel does not know, my people do not understand.  ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, offspring of evildoers, children who deal corruptly, they have forsaken the lord, they have despised the holy one of israel, they are utterly estranged. why do you still want to be punished? will you continue to rebel? the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.   from the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it, but bruises and sores and raw wounds; they are not pressed out or bound up or softened with oil." (isaiah: 1/1-6).

god's anger with them continued, until he lifted the blessing from them, and exchanged it with his curses and revenge "and now, o priests, this command is for you.  if you will not listen, if you will not take it to heart to give honor to my name, says the lord of hosts, then i will send a curse upon you and i will curse your blessings. indeed, i have already cursed them, because you do not lay it to heart.  behold, i will rebuke your offspring, and spread dung on your faces, the dung of your offspring, and you shall be taken away with it." (malachi: 2/1-3).

 when jesus (pbuh) came he called jerusalem: “o jerusalem, jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets” (matthew: 23/37) because of the number of god's honorable prophets whom they had killed on its soil.

jesus (pbuh) said, while addressing the crowds:- "but woe to you, scribes and pharisees! hypocrites!..... woe to you, ye blind guides, …. you blind fools ….. you serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell? therefore i send you prophets and wise men and scribes,  some of whom you will kill and crucify, and some you will flog  in your synagogues, ……..o jerusalem, jerusalem, the city  that kills the prophets and stones  those who are sent to you," (matthew: 23/13-37).

for that, god deprived them from being the nation who the next promised prophet will come from, because they broke the promise and covenant of god. the next prophet will not be from the offspring of david (pbuh), meaning that he will not be jesus (pbuh).

the main reason that the jews hated jesus (pbuh) was that he confronted them with the truth.  he told them that god's kingdom and his choice will be taken away from them, and given to another nation. in order to prove that, we have to go back to the first time they tried to kill him. that is when he told them about the prophet elijah, leaving the children of israel's widows for a sidon widow, and that the prophet joshua cleansed neman the assyrian without cleansing the rest of the leprous that were among the children of israel. (see luke: 4/25-27)

the result was that “when they heard these things, all in the synagogue were filled with wrath. and they rose up and drove him out of the town and brought him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they could throw him down the cliff." (luke: 4/28-29), and that was the beginning of the hate between the jews and jesus (pbuh).

now i ask the respected reader, did the nation that was threatened by prophets deserve that the blessing and prophet-hood remain with it?  if the answer is no then which nation is the selected and chosen one? who else could be, except the nation that was promised the blessing many times, from the offspring of ishmael (pbuh)? none of the nations claimed to be this chosen nation.

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