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Sources and References

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  • the holy bible, english standard version.1981
  • the holy bible, the middle east holy bible’s publishers edition, protestant’s copy
  • the holy bible, the middle east holy bible’s publishers edition, orthodox’ copy
  • the holy bible, the jesuit priesthood edition, catholic’s copy, issued by the jesuit fathers, and distributed by the holy bible's organizations in the east, beirut. (translated from the good news bible, today’s english version, 2nd edition 1992)
  • the bible in basic english, 1965
  • douay-rheims bible, 1899
  • darby bible, 1889
  • the holy bible (the hebrew holy scriptures and the greek holy scriptures) new world translation, (jehovah witnesses’ edition)
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  • the gospel of barnabas, translation of khalil saada. al wathaeq publishing's edition. kuwait, 1406 lunar calendar



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