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Asceticism in Worldly Affairs

8193 2008/04/21 2024/04/18
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abdullah b. masood, with whom allah is pleased, said:

'the messenger of allah, may allah exalt his mention, went to sleep on a mat. he got up and he had marks on his side due to the mat that he had slept on. we said: 'o messenger of allah, shall we not make bedding for you?' he said: 'what do i have to do with this world? i am only like a wayfarer who rides a beast that stopped to take shade and rest under a tree, and then leaves it behind and continues on the journey.'  (tirmidthi #2377)

amr' b. al-haarith, with whom allah is pleased, said the messenger of allah , may allah exalt his mention, did not leave a dirham or dinar, or slave male or female after his death. he only left behind his white mule, his weapons and a piece of land which he declared as sadaqah (charity).'  (bukhari #2588)

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