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Conquest and Rule of Yaman by Persia

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when al nu'man entered the audience hall of chosroes, he was accompanied by sayf ibn dhu yazan. chosroes received them at his winter residence, sitting on the throne of darius in the great iwan decorated with the pictures of the zodiac. the throne was surrounded with a curtain made of the most precious furs which served as background for golden and silver chandeliers filled with warm water and for his golden and silver crown filled with rubies, beryls and pearls which, being too heavy to rest on his head, was attached to the ceiling by a golden chain. his clothes were of a golden weave, and he decorated himself with gold. so brilliant was this spectacle that any person was seized with awe at the mere sight of it. surely, such was the case of sayf ibn dhu yazan. when he came back to himself and felt reassured, he was asked by chosroes about his mission and told the emperor the story of abyssinia's conquest and tyrannous rule. chosroes hesitated at the beginning, but then decided to send to yaman an army under the command of wahriz, one of the noblest and bravest commanders of persia. the persian army arrived in yaman, vanquished the abyssinians and expelled them after a rule of seventy-two years. yaman remained under persian rule until the advent of islam and the succeeding entry of all arab countries into the religion of god as well as into the islamic empire.

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