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Auther : By Muhammad Abdullah a-Saheem
17657 2008/05/18 2024/04/22
Article translated to : العربية

thanks are due to allah (swt) alone and peace and blessings be on his chosen prophet muhammad (saws).


my dear colleagues in charge of almeshkat website requested me to write about what is written about the prophethood of prophet muhammad (saws) in the previous books. i took some parts from my book muslims of the people of the book and their effect in defending qur'anic issues. these good tidings are the ones certified by the christians and jews who embraced islam as being a part of their books. at the end of every good tiding i mentioned the name of the guided person from whom i took the tiding. as christians and jews have been amending and changing their books through deletions and additions, scholars can find difficulty in comparing the texts mentioned by the guided person and that mentioned in the new editions. therefore, i compared them to the new editions of the bible as some of those guided mention texts from old sources as that of a-tabari who was a contemporary of the caliph al-muawakkil.


the reader should know that these good tidings are in various books whether related to seerah or the books that documented controversies with the people of the book such as the right answer and guiding the confused by ibn taymiyyah, showing the right by rahamt allah al-hindi, difference between the created and the creator by abur-rahman baja gee, good tidings of the prophet of islam by ahamd a-saqqah, and the writings of the guided people who embraced islam such as:

1)     religion and state by ali bin rabban a-tabari.

2)     the treasure of the wise to refute the people of the cross by abdullah a-turjuman.

3)     belief advice on the scandal of christianity by al-mutatabib.   

4)     refutation of jews by al-mas'oul bin yahya al-maghrabi.  

5)     methods of thought in the prophethood of the master of mankind by said bin al-hassan al-iskandrani.

6)     muhammad (saws) in the bible by abd-al-ahad dawud.

7)     muhammad: the prophet of the right by majdi murjan.

8)     muhammad (saws) in torah, bible and the qur'an by ibrahim khalil ahmad.


these are only few examples. i collected all the evidence and good tidings mentioned by those writers in my above-mentioned book. some scholars wrote on the good tidings of the people of other beliefs regarding the advent of prophet muhammad (saws) such as towards the instinctive eternal religion by mubashar a-tirazi al-husaini from turkstan.


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