we now come to the four most comprehensive and decisive verses in john. chapter sixteen to solve the enigma of the successor to christ. for jesus (pbuh) did truly say:

i have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

(holy bible) john 16: 12

we will later tie up the phrase "many things" from the above verse with "guide you into all truth" from the verse that follows, when discussing it. for now. let us discuss the phrase — "ye cannot bear them now"
the truth of this statement "ye cannot bear them now" is repeated monotonously throughout the pages of the new testament:

and he (jesus) saith unto them (the disciples). why are ye fearful, o ye of little faith?
(holy bible) matthew 8. 26

and (jesus) said unto him (peter) o thou of little faith...
(holy bible) matthew 14:31

... he (jesus) said unto them (the disciples), o ye of little faith, why reason among yourselves ...
(holy bible) matthew 16: 8

and he (jesus) said unto them (his disciples). where is your faith?

(holy bible) luke 8: 25

we must bear in mind that this is not the indictment of jesus (pbuh) on the indecisiveness of the jews, but on his very own elect. he stoops down to the level of little children to make things plain to his disciples but he is compelled to burst out in frustration

and jesus said, are ye even yet without understanding?

(holy bible) matthew 15:16

and when he was provoked to breaking point, he rails against his chosen ones —

' ... o faithless and perverse generation, how long shall i
be with you, how long shall i bear with you?

(holy bible) luke 9: 41

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