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Introduction-The Amazing Quran

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the basic question one must ask oneself is "could this qur'an be the words of any other than god." in reaching your conclusions there are a number of factors to bring into your judgement. firstly we must consider how this object came into existence and how reliable is the description offered of how it came into existence. then we need to begin our investigation of the object in question. through doing this we begin to notice certain characteristics about the text and start to study it in detail, noticing certain subtleties. the establishment of general consistency with our knowledge is of primary importance since if we find things in it which contradict what we know, it will immediately be making demands on our credulity rather than challenging our conscience to accept it as true, so that we would feel guilty not accepting it. further investigation shows consistency with current knowledge that is quite amazing. coincidence also plays an interesting role in discovering curiosities about the qur'an which show some amazing aspects of the structure. in the process we continually consider whether there is any credible alternative explanation of the origins of the qur'an and ask ourselves, is it too hard for us to accept any other explanation with a clear conscience that our thinking remains good? what are our doubts about the explanation that this amazing qur'an comes from other than god? are these doubts reasonable?

this section takes you through the above process and the next section will try to tackle some of the important questions about the moral teachings of islam which amount to doubts that prevent people from accepting islam. these doubts are usually down to lack of knowledge about the correct teachings of islam and in answering them i shall try to explain the relevant details of islamic teachings to clarify the misunderstandings.

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