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A Handy Plan to Behave in the Same Way as the Prophet (PBUH) did

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if you are a person who really love the prophet (pbuh) then you should have his qualities :

1-avoid lewdness which is every bad speech or action.

2-don't speak loudly and lower your voice mainly in public places such as streets, mosques, parties… etc., except if being a lecturer or advisor or being an imam in a mosque.

3-repel evil someone cause to you with that which is best. forgive him and do not punish him or desert him.

4-don't reproach or insult your servant or your colleague or your son or your student or your wife because of a mistake or an uncompleted job.

5-do your duties very well and do not diminish others' rights in order to prevent them from reprimanding you.

6-don't be laughing all the time and let your laugh be a nice smile.

7-be always ready to help the weak, the indigent and the women without arrogance.

8-helping your family in doing some of the house work even if it's something easy.

9-wear the best of your clothes mainly for praying, on the celebration days (aïd) .

10-don't be prideful to eat on the ground, eat what is given to you, be satisfied with few of food and don't criticize badly what you eat.

11-joining workers and helping them in their work ( as helping in carrying dust or digging…etc.) as a sign of humility and making the workers feel others’ sympathy and respect towards them.

12-don't accept exaggerated praise from someone, but some words of thank that are equal to the work done.

13-avoid saying bad or aggressive statements even if you are joking.

14-don't say something evil and don't commit it.

15-don't attack your brothers evilly.

16-speak in a correct way and let your words be nice and not hurting.

17-decrease your jocks and don't say anything but the truth.

18-be merciful to human beings and to animals so that allah the almighty keeps his mercy upon you.

19-avoid avarice because it's repelled from allah the almighty and people.

20-sleep early and wake up early starting your day with worshiping allah, hard work and diligence.

21-don't miss the prayers in group in the mosque.

22-be aware of angriness and its bad results. if you become angry you should say: « audhu billahi mina shaytan ar-rajim, which means, i seek refuge from satan, the devil »

23-be aware that every single word you say is recorded ; try to be as quiet as possible.

24-when you recite the quran you have to understand what you are reading and you should feel the verses. it's also recommended that you listen to the holy quran recited by others. the most important thing you have to do, is to make the quran your way of life which means to apply every single word practically.

25-don't reject ''permissible''

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