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I am a Book

12169 2009/05/29 2024/07/16
Article translated to : العربية עברית

i am a book..

and i am very happy about that.


i feel that i am the most precious thing in the whole world, and that the paper my pages made of is more valuable than the paper money is made of. there are three reasons for this:


* whenever allah wanted to guide the human race he sent them a book, a holy book. the torah is a book, the bible is a book and the holy quran is a book.


* i am a book about muhammad, may allah bless him and grant him salvation, the last of prophets and messengers, whom allah sent to all people, to show them the way and call them to truth and goodness and to bring love and peace for everyone.


* i am a book for children, for young people, who are pure and innocent, and loved by allah and our beloved prophet muhammad.


because i am so happy that i am a children s book about muhammad and you are reading me, i m going to say a few words to introduce myself and the stories that i carry in my pages. they are true stories. all of them really happened and everything in them is accurate and correct. don t thing just because they are told by animals and objects that they aren't true, for animals and objects are wonderful story tellers and i know you will love hearing what they have to say.


everything in these stories can be found in the holy quran or in the books which contain the hadiths of the great prophet muhammad, and in the many books which talk about the prophet s life.


my author, abdul tawwab yusuf, has read all these books so that he can now tell the story of the beloved prophet s life in the new way to young people like yourselves.


i am sure that you will read them all with great interest and pleasure, and that you will really enjoy them, for they are beautiful and wonderful stories full of good thoughts and examples of kindness and virtue.


i hope you will read them again and again and that you will always remember the events and lessons they contain, and that you will love the honorable prophet with all your hearts and that you will always follow his great and noble example.


and now we're ready to hear the stories, so turn over the page…




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