3-European Jewish Women wore Hijab until the 19th. Century

Auther : Fawzi Alghadiri
Article translated to : العربية Русский עברית

european jewish women continued to wear hijab until the nineteenth century. when their life became more secularized under the influence of their surroundings and modernized european life, they were forced to go out bare headed. some of them found it easier to wear the wig instead of their traditional hijab to keep their hair covered. however, most devout jewish women nowadays do not cover their hair except at synagogues (7) while other sects, such as haseedem, are still wearing wigs. (8)




[7] susan w. schneider, jewish and female (new york: simon & schuster, 1984), pp. 238-239.

[8] alexandra wright, "judaism", in holm and bowker, ed., pp. 128-129.







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