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The Campaign of Abu Salamah ibn `Abd al Asad

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the first news of enemy movement that came to muhammad's ear told that tulayhah and salamah, sons of khuwaylid and leaders of banu asad, were inciting their tribesmen and clients to attack madinah and to seek muhammad in his own house. they were also inciting them to raid the city outskirts to seize the cattle of the muslims. apparently, they were emboldened by the consideration that muhammad and his companions were still shaken by defeat and that their power was on the decline. as soon as the prophet heard of this, however, he sent forth abu salamah ibn `abd al asad at the head of an expeditionary force of one hundred and fifty fighters including abu `ubaydah ibn al jarrah, sa'd ibn abu waqqas, and usayd ibn hudayr. he ordered the force to march by night along untrodden paths, to lie still by day, and to surprise the enemy wherever possible. abu salamah followed the instructions of the prophet and found his enemy unprepared. shortly before dawn, he talked to his men, inspiring them to holy war, and they attacked. the enemy ran away in defeat. the muslims pursued them and returned after having stripped them of all their possessions. they divided the booty among themselves after saving one fifth of it for god, his prophet, the poor, and the wayfarer; then they returned to madinah victorious. their accomplishment restored some of the muslim prestige which had been lost at uhud. abu salamah, however, did not live long after this raid, for his wound at uhud had not been completely cured. his participation in this raid, during which he reopened the wound, finally brought about his death.

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