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Auther : Dr. Bilal Philips
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kaffarah is the punishment as a compensation for a sin one has committed or for an obligatory deed that one was unable to do or the intentional breaking of the fast in ramadan. the kaffarah for breaking the fast of ramadan is as follows:

if the fast of ramadan is invalidated intentionally by intercourse, its expiation (compensation) is fasting for two months consecutively. if one is unable to fast sixty days, he must feed sixty poor persons or one person for sixty days.

it should be noted, however, that even these acts do not make up for the lost day(s) of fasting.

a person who has become extremely weak due to old age or disease and has no hope of an early recovery and is unable to fast, is required by shari'ah to feed an indigent person for every missed day. one can give it in the form of food or one can make someone else an agent, giving him the money to buy the food and give it to the poor. this feeding of the poor in lieu of fasting is called fidyah (redemption).

a woman who breaks her fast due to menses (hayd), bleeding after child birth (nifas), pregnancy, suckling (rida'ah) or the like is only required to make up the days which she missed before the next ramadan.

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