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I am the Night in which Quran was First revealed

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Article translated to : العربية עברית

the sun set on the world and darkness fell. stars were sprinkled through the sky. the moon did not come out, because i was a night that came at the end of ramadan.


for the people of makkah i was like any other night. some stayed up, chatting and entertaining themselves while others slept, waiting for the sun to rise.


i am a night of great power and glory. i will be remembered forever and ever.

my effect will be felt forever. i am a night filled with light; not that of the sun or the moon or even the light of electricity. i am abound with the light of allah... that lights up heaven and earth.


thanks to his light, and because of what happened that night, i am better than a thousand months.


i came in the arabic month of ramadan, in the year 610 of the christian era, around thirteen years before the start of the arab hijra calendar.


on the outskirts of makkah there was a cave called the cave of hiraa.

muhammad ibn abdullah would often go there and spend long hours inside talking to his creator, praying to him and worshipping no other god but him. meanwhile, the people of makkah worshipped idols.


when i came, muhammad may allah bless him and great him salvation, was forty years old. he was in the cave spending the night in worship, praying to his creator and calling upon his saying:


o lord of the universe, o creator of the heavens, o creator of the sun and moon and stars, o creator of the earth and the mountains, o my lord creator, maker of all creatures, how i desire to know you! ”


and as he recited this prayer and repeated this call the world was filled with light, light over the earth and light in the sky, and an angel descended from heaven bringing the most wonderful and beautiful words the world has ever heard. this angel, whose name was jibreel, peace be upon him, said to muhammad:


i cannot read, replied muhammad, may allah bless him and grant him salvation, for the prophet did not know how to read and write.

so jibreel went up to him and hugged him to his chest three times, each time saying to him: “read!” and each time muhammad replied: “i cannot read.”

then jibreel began to recite to muhammad and muhammad repeated after him:


read! in the name of your lord who had created. (1) he has created man from a clot. (2) read! and your lord is the most generous. (3) who had taught by the pen. (4) he had taught man that which he knew not. (5)


surat al-alaq (the clot) 95


when jibreel had left, muhammad felt afraid. he hurried home and went straight to his wife khadeeja. he was shivering and there where drop of sweat on his forehead. she quickly put him to bed and covered him with a blanket.


muhammad, may allah bless him and grant him salvation, began to feel warm and calm. he told his wife what had happened and how, despite the dark night, the cave was flooded with light. he told her how jibreel had come and asked him to read and how he said he couldn't. he told her how he had repeated after jibreel as the angel recited to him. he then recited to his wife the same words jibreel had spoken.


khadeeja tried to comfort the prophet, praise and pace be upon him, saying:


allah is with you. you are a good generous man. you love your family and do not lie to any one. you help everyone and you give to each what is rightfully his. you are kind natured, honest and trustworthy.“


khadeeja wanted to comfort the prophet more so she took him to her cousin ibn nawfal. he was a wise man who had read many books and was a friend with christians and jews. he knew a great deal about religious matters and had come to hate the idols and no longer worshipped them.


when waraqa ibn nawfal heard from muhammad what had happened in the cave at heraa he stood up and embraced him saying:


this is a revelation that has come down to you. you are a prophet, the prophet of the arab nation. indeed, you are a prophet for the whole world. you are like moses and jesus. allah has chosen you and sent you to guide people to goodness, mercy and love. the people will not believe you at first and they will turn you out of your town. but in the end you will be victorious over them, after you have fought them and made war against them.


i dearly hope i will live long enough to see the day when i can defend you and you message.


muhammad felt comforted. he was happy with the words he had heard from waraqa ibn nawfal. he wished that many nights like me would come in which he would hear allahs words sent down to him again. he went  up to the cave in the mountains many times after that to wait with great longing and desire.

his wish came true. but the next time a revelation came to him he was at home. he felt himself trembling and shivering and he called his wife khadeeja to cover him, saying:

cover me, cover me!”


khadeeja covered him in his cloak as he lay on his bed, and he heard jibreel, pace be upon him, reciting to him in a voice no one else could hear.


o you (muhammad) enveloped in garments! (1) arise and warn! (2) and magnify your lord! (3) and purify your garments! (4) and keep away from ar-rujz (idols) (5) and give not a thing in order to have more. (6) and be patient for the sake of your lord. (7)



almighty allah has spoken the truth.

surat al-muddaththir (the one enveloped) 72



after that, revelations continued to come down to the prophet, may allah bless him and grant him salvation, and the holy quran was revealed verse after verse until the last verse to be revealed came down.

it was:


this day i have perfected your religion for you and completed my favour to you, and have chosen for you islam as your religion. (3)



almighty allah has spoken the truth.

surat al-maidah (the table) 5




i, the night of al qadr, will always be proud that the revelation of the quran began on my night.

allah bestowed great honour on me. he mentioned me in the quran, and made me powerful and mighty. he made me a blessed night.


that is why, every year, muslims look forward to me during the final days of ramadan, because they know that the gates of heaven are opened when i arrive, and on my night allah answers every prayer.


we sent down (the quran) on a blessed night. (3)


almighty allah has spoken the truth.

surat ad-dukhan (the smoke) 44


we have sent down the quran on the night of al qadr. (1) would that you knew what the night of al qadr is like! (2) the night of al qadr is better than a thousand months. (3) on that night the angels and the angel jebreel came down by allahs permission with his decrees (4) that night there is peace until the break of dawn. (5)


almighty allah has spoken the truth.

surat al-qadr (the night of decree) 97  



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