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Fourth Hadith (A Tree Resembling the Muslim)

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338 2022/04/13

'Abdullah b. Umar reported: I was at the Prophet’s while He was eating jummar (the heart of the palm tree), Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said:

There is a tree amongst trees, the leaves of which do not wither and that is like a Muslim; if you take any part of it, it benefits you. Tell me which that (tree) can be?’ Ibn Umar said: ‘The people began to think of the trees of the forest. I saw Abu Bakr and Umar silent, I thought that it could be the date-palm tree, but I felt hesitant (to say that) as I was the youngest among them.’ They (the Companions) then said: Allah's Messenger, (kindly) tell us which that can be? Thereupon he said: It is the date-palm tree. Ibn Umar said: ‘When we left, I said to Umar: Father, by Allah, I thought it could be the date-palm tree. He said: Why haven’t you spoken? I said: I saw all of you silent, so I was hesitant to talk. Whereupon Umar said: Had you said that it meant the date-palm tree, this statement of yours (would have been dearer to me) than such and such things.

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