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  2. If I had time to do this and that

If I had time to do this and that

If I had time to do this and that

"If I had time to do this and that" .. Yes ..

If the time returned ..while you are wise enough as you are already .. After you tested and understood  the world.. after you got  rid of your naivety and ignorance with which you came to this world .. you would surely take different decisions ..

One aspect of taking decisions is that we live once. If time has returned, we may have taken (wrong) choices, even if they are different, then we would wish to have another return..

But what if I told you that I would give you the final product? The pure wisdom from He who knows and decrees everything ... the deeds that you will never regret for doing them. If You have the chance you will not wish to change them..

Yes .. That is the Sunnah of the beloved one,  salllaAllahualihiwasallam,  that Allah ordered us to follow .. if you followed this path not regret.

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