His Guidance in Relieving Oneself

  • when entering the toilet hepbuh would say:

o allah, i seek refuge with you from evil and evil ones."1

and upon coming out hepbuh would say: “i seek your forgiveness.”2

  • hepbuh usually urinated while squatting.

  • hepbuh sometimes cleaned himself with water, sometimes with stones and sometimes used both.

  • he pbuh used his left hand to clean himself.

  • after cleaning with water, he would rub his hand against the ground.

  • when travelling, hepbuh would go far away to relieve himself in order to conceal himself from his companions.

  • hepbuh sometimes screened himself behind bushes and sometimes behind palms.

  • hepbuh selected the soft parts of the ground for urination.

  • hepbuh would not raise his garment until he was down close to the ground.

  • hepbuh would not speak or answer greetings while relieving himself.

1 narrated by al-bukhari and muslim.

2 abu dawud, at-tirmidhi and ibn majah.

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