Back to his Passionate Mother

Article translated to : العربية

after this event, haleemah was worried about the boy and returned him to his mother with whom he stayed until he was six. [talqeeh furoom ahl-al-athar p.7; ibn hisham 1/168]

in respect of the memory of her late husband, amina decided to visit his grave in yathrib (madinah). she set out to cover a journey of 500 kilometers with her orphan boy, woman servant umm ayman and her father-in-law ‘abdul-muttalib. she spent a month there and then took her way back to makkah. on the way, she had a severe illness and died in abwa on the road between makkah and madinah. [ibn hisham 1/168; talqeeh fuhroom ahl-al-athar p.7]

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