Living with his Uncle

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when muhammad [pbuh] was eight years, two months and ten days old, his grandfather ‘abdul-muttalib passed away in makkah. the charge of the prophet [pbuh] was now passed on to his uncle abu talib, who was the brother of the prophet’s father.

abu talib took the charge of his nephew in the best way. he put him with his children and preferred him to them. he singled the boy out with great respect and high esteem. abu talib remained for forty years cherishing his nephew and extending all possible protection and support to him. his relations with the others were determined in the light of the treatment they showed to the prophet [pbuh].

ibn ‘asakir reported on the authority of jalhamah bin ‘arfuta who said: "i came to makkah when it was a rainless year, so quraish said ‘o abu talib, the valley has become leafless and the children hungry, let us go and pray for rain-fall.’ abu talib went to al-ka‘bah with a young boy who was as beautiful as the sun, and a black cloud was over his head. abu talib and the boy stood by the wall of al-ka‘bah and prayed for rain. immediately clouds from all directions gathered and rain fell heavily and caused the flow of springs and growth of plants in the town and the country. [mukhtasar seerat-ur-rasool p.15,16]

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