Muhammad’s Early Job

Article translated to : العربية

muhammad [pbuh], had no particular job at his early youth, but it was reported that he worked as a shepherd for bani sa‘d and in makkah. at the age of 25, he went to syria as a merchant for khadijah [r]. ibn ishaq reported that khadijah, daughter of khwailid was a business-woman of great honour and fortune. she used to employ men to do her business for a certain percentage of the profits. quraish people were mostly tradespeople, so when khadijah was informed of muhammad [pbuh], his truthful words, great honesty and kind manners, she sent for him. she offered him money to go to syria and do her business, and she would give him a higher rate than the others. she would also send her hireling, maisarah, with him. he agreed and went with her servant to syria for trade. [ibn hisham 1/187,188]