The Great Success

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mus‘ab stayed in madinah carrying out his mission diligently and successfully until all the houses of al-ansar (the future helpers) had muslims elements, men and women. one family only stood obdurate to the islamic da‘wah (call). they were under the influence of the poet qais bin al-aslat, who managed to hold them at bay and screen off the call of islam from their ears until the year 5 a.h.

shortly before the approach of the following pilgrimage season, i.e. the thirteenth year of prophethood, mus‘ab bin ‘umair returned to makkah carrying to the prophet [pbuh] glad tidings about the new fertile soil of islam in madinah, and its environment rich in the prospects of good, and the power and immunity that that city was bound to provide to the cause of islam. [ibn hisham 1/435; za'd al-ma'ad 2/51]

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