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the prophet came in the company of his uncle al-‘abbas bin ‘abdul muttalib who (though himself not a muslim), adjured us not to draw his nephew away from the protection of his own kindred unless we were fully prepared to defend him even at the risk of our lives. he was the first to speak:

"o you people of the khazraj — the arabs used to call the ansâr (helpers) khazraj, whether from khazraj or aws — you all know the position that muhammad holds among us. we have protected him from our people as much as we could. he is honoured and respected among his people. he refuses to join any party except you. so if you think you can carry out what you promise while inviting him to your town, and if you can defend him against the enemies, then assume the burden that you have taken. but if you are going to surrender him and betray him after having taken him away with you, you had better leave him now because he is respected and well defended in his own place." [ibn hisham 1/440-442]

ka‘b replied: "we have heard your words, and now o messenger of allâh, it is for you to speak and take from us any pledge that you want regarding your lord and yourself."

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