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it was a definite stance showing full determination, courage and deep faith to shoulder the daunting responsibility and bear its serious consequences.

the messenger of allâh then preached the faith, and the pledge was taken. al-imam ahmad, on the authority of jabir, gave the following details:

the ansâr (helpers) asked the messenger of allâh about the principles over which they would take a pledge. the prophet answered:

  1. to listen and obey in all sets of circumstances.
  2. to spend in plenty as well as in scarcity.
  3. to enjoin good and forbid evil.
  4. in allâh’s service, you will fear the censure of none.
  5. to defend me in case i seek your help, and debar me from anything you debar yourself, your spouses and children from. and if you observe those precepts, paradise is in store for you. [mukhtasar seerat ar-rasool p.155; ibn hisham 1/454]

in another version narrated by ka‘b, he said:

the prophet [pbuh] began to speak, recited some qur’ânic verses, called people unto allâh, exhorted them to enter the fold of islam and concluded saying: "i give you my pledge that you debar me from whatever you debar your women and children from." here al-bara’ bin ma‘rur, caught him by hand, and said: "oh yes, we swear by allâh, who sent you as a prophet in truth, that we will debar you from whatever we debar our women from. have confidence in us, o messenger of allâh. by allâh, we are genuine fighters and quite reliable in war, it is a trait passed down to us from our ancestors."

then ‘abul haitham at-taihan interrupted and said: "o prophet of allâh! between us and the jews, there are agreements which we would then sever. if allâh grants you power and victory, should we expect that you would not leave us, and join the ranks of your people (meaning quraish)?" the prophet [pbuh] smiled and replied:

"nay, it would never be; your blood will be my blood. in life and death i will be with you and you with me. i will fight whom you fight and i will make peace with those with whom you make peace." [ibn hisham 1/442]

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