Quraish's Representation to Yathrib

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no sooner did quraish hear of this treaty than a kind of trouble-provoking tumult began to mushroom in all directions. they realized quite fully that an allegiance of this sort is bound to produce far-reaching ramifications of direct impact on their lives and wealth. the following day, a large delegation comprising the leaders and arch-criminals of makkah set out for the camp of the madinese to protest severely against the treaty. they addressed the madinese: "o people of khazraj, it transpired to us that you have come here to conclude a treaty with this man (muhammad) and evacuate him out of makkah. by allâh, we do really hold in abhorrence any sort of fight between you and us." [ibn hisham 1/448]

the madinese polytheists having known nothing about the secretly taken pledge, began to swear by allâh and answered in good faith that there was no truth in the report. ‘abdullah bin ubai bin salul, a madinese polytheist, refuted their allegations denouncing them as null and void, claiming that his people would never initiate anything unless he gave them clear orders.

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