Quraish's Decision to Kill the Prophet

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there was a lengthy debate and several proposals were put forward. expulsion from makkah was proposed and debated in turn but finally turned down on grounds that his sweet and heart-touching words could entice the other arabs to attack them in their own city. imprisonment for life was also debated but also refused for fear that his followers might increase in number, overpower them and release him by force. at this point, the arch-criminal of makkah, abu jahl bin hisham suggested that they assassinate him. but assassination by one man would have exposed him and his family to the vengeance of blood. the difficulty was at last solved by abu jahl himself, who suggested that a band of young men, one from each tribe, should strike muhammad simultaneously with their swords so that the blood-money would be spread over them all and therefore could not be exacted, and his people would seek a mind-based recourse for settlement. the sinful proposal was unanimously accepted, and the representatives broke up the meeting and went back home with full determination for immediate implementation. [ibn hisham 1/480-482]

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