Al Fudoul” Agreement

Article translated to : العربية עברית 中文

after “al fijar war”, an agreement was held between many tribes of quraish: “ banu hashim, banu al muttalib, asad bin abdel uzza, zahra bin kilab and taiem bin murra “.

they held this agreement in the resident of abdullah bin jad’aan al taimy for being of great honour in these tribes. this agreement was for the sake of supporting the oppressed in makkah till they give them all their rights back.

muhammad (pbuh) witnessed this agreement; he said after legation:” i witnessed “al fudoul “agreement in the resident of abdullah bin jad’an, and if i will be invited to such an agreement in islam i wont refuse.”

the target of this agreement was against the rules of that time that was controlled by tribalism or racism, that distinguish the people of high rank from those lower.

it was said that the reason of this agreement was because of a man that came to makkah to sell some goods; al ‘aas bin wael al sahmi took his goods without giving him his rights. this person tried to get his rights back and asked for help from all heads of quraish. this caused them to meet and hold this agreement and the man got his rights back again and all oppressed after that were protected because of this agreement.

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