The Prophet's Work in Trading

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in his 25th of age, the prophet (pbuh) worked in trading with khadieja’s money ( khadieja – may allah be pleased with her- who became later his wife, and is his 1st wife).

ibn ishaak said:” khadieja bint khuwailed was an honest rich woman who used to pay for men to travel for her in her trading. quraish – the prophet’s tribe – were working in trading, so when khadieja heard about muhammad’s honesty and good manners, she asked him to work for her and travel with her trading to ash-shaam ( now known as all syria, jordan lebanon and palestine) and paid for him more than anyone before with a servant called maysarra.

when muhammad (pbuh) came back from his mission in ash-sham, he used to trade in the markets of makkah or other neighbor markets; such as ukadh, majnah and thalmajaz.

muhammad (pbuh) didn’t spend his days long only in trading; he worked to offer himself a good proper life. he spent the rest of his time in imitating and thinking about the world, the universe around him and the creator of all these things.

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