Abu Sufyan between the Prophet's Hands

Article translated to : العربية
in the meanwhile, abu sufyan along with hakim bin hizam and budail bin warqua’, two terrible polytheists, went out to reconnoiter. before they got near the camp, they met ‘abbas, the prophet’s uncle. he apprised abu sufyan of the situation and advised him to accept islam and persuade his people to surrender before muhammad [pbuh]; otherwise, his head would be struck off.

under the prevailing compelling circumstances, abu sufyan went in the company of ‘abbas seeking the prophet’s [pbuh] audience. the muslims were furious to see abu sufyan and wanted to kill him on the spot. but the two men managed, not without difficulties, to see the messenger of allâh [pbuh] who advised that they see him the following day. the prophet [pbuh] addressed abu sufyan saying: "woe to you! isn’t it time for you to bear witness to the oneness of allâh and prophethood of muhammad?" here, the archenemy of islam began to beseech the prophet [pbuh] in the most earnest words that testify to the prophet’s generosity and mild temper begging for pardon and forgiveness, and professing wholeheartedly the new faith.

on request by ‘abbas, the prophet [pbuh], in the context of the general amnesty he proclaimed, gave abu sufyan, who had a liking for bragging, a special privilege, saying: "he who takes refuge in abu sufyan’s house is safe; whosoever confines himself to his house, the inmates thereof shall be in safety, and he who enters the sacred mosque is safe."

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