Muhammad's Favor upon Girls

Article translated to : العربية

if the only favor that allah’s messenger (pbuh) had performed for the sake of females is that he had prevented them from being buried alive, as it was the habit of the pagans, it would have been more than enough.

arab tribes during the pagan times used to bury their daughters alive out of hate and contempt to them, and whoever left them alive would live his life very annoyed with them.

in addition to that great favor, allah’s messenger (pbuh) had altered the ancient arab minds greatly in dealing with the issue of young daughters.

allah’s messenger (pbuh) had charged the islamic society with undertaking the responsibility of custody and education of young girls as jack restler puts it “where girls are brought up in a religious upright manner and are made accustomed with prayers and are made ready in an early age to be in charge of domestic work”.

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