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“the prophet (pbuh) was smooth, tender with kids; he felt no disdain to salute the playing children in the streets.”! ‘william moore’ [1]

“there is no peace of mind better than muhammad’s (pbuh) caring of children. he forbade children’s burial alive and was very much concerned about the orphans. and he found great pleasure in watching the children. once muhammad (pbuh) was praying, when al hussain bin-ali may allah be pleased with them jumped over his back. the prophet (pbuh) did not care of what the people would say, and waited until al hussain got down by himself”. ‘luis sedio’. [2]

the prophet (pbuh) strived to protect children’s rights which have been wasted all along the ancient eras, especially in inheritance. in the the pre-islamic period the children had no rights to inherit. the only ones who had the right to inherit were those who could fight and gain spoils and were able to ride perfectly.

muhammad (pbuh) gave the family the duty of taking care of children and protect their rights.

thus, the islamic family -as jak wristler said-: “always looks after their children and their health and bringing them up very carefully. the mother used to suckle her child for a long time, sometimes for more than two years, and bringing him up with compassion, love and protection. if one member of the family died and they become orphans, their close relatives do not hesitate in helping and adopting them”. [3]

and there is no difference between males and females in this matter... [4]


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[4] there is a special search on his mercy upon girls.

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