Muhammad (PBUH); the Orphan

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james a. michener says about the prophet (pbuh) :

«muhammad, the inspired man who founded islam, was born about a.d. 570 into an arabian tribe that worshipped idols. orphaned at birth, he was always particularly solicitous of the poor and needy, the widow and the orphan, the slave and the downtrodden».in addition to that philippe hatti : «although he was a poor orphan, he had always the ability to share the needy up».

who would care about the orphan as much as muhammad(pbuh)did ?

he was the prophet of mercy, the orphan who chose to protect orphans and to take care of them because he already had tasted the miserable life of an orphan.

in fact muhammad (pbuh) was prevented from his parents. he (pbuh) never saw his father and he lost his mother at the age of six but allah the almighty did not left him alone. so allah the almighty had not only protected muhammad (pbuh) but also made of him(pbuh) a person with the highest human qualities.

allah the almighty mentions that in the holy quran as the following : «did he not find you an orphan, so he gave (you) an abode, and he found you erring, so he guided (you), and he found you in want, so he enriched (you)? ,then, as for the orphan, then do not subdue (him), and as for the beggar, then do not scold (him); and as for your lord's favor, then discourse about it! (i.e., proclaim it)» (ad-dhuha 6:11)

and as we have seen allah the almighty ordered muhammad (pbuh) to be grateful for his lord's favor by not only being nice to the orphan and not to subdue him or even break his heart but also by being the lovely father for all orphans in the world.

that’s how he (pbuh) treated the orphans, while they were neglected by the society at that time.

the prophet (pbuh) was sent to societies - as mentioned by sydney fisher: «in which widows, orphans and all the weak were seen as defective luggage. although muhammad (pbuh) was among the poor, he (pbuh) guided them to allah and to the right path and changed the criterion of morals and behaviours in all the arabic countries.

so the prophet (pbuh), according to louis sidiou, was « always worried about the orphans» in order to provide them with protection and not to make them feel they are lonely.

that's why the holy quran mentions the orphan 23 times to insist on the collaboration's

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