Examples of his Mercy upon Orphans

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first: his motivation in taking care of the orphan

sahl-ibn-sa'ad reported: the messenger of allah (pbuh) said:' me and he who takes care of the orphans are like this in paradise: and he pointed out his forefinger and his middle finger''

“the orphans” here includes of muslims and other religions, as a form of generality.

second: his consolation for the orphans

from his news (pbuh) in this part, is that when ja’far was killed he waited three days, then visited his family. abdullah –bin-jafar reported that when the prophet returned home, he ordered his wives to make some food for ja‘far‘s family, because they are fully occupied with grief, as a kind of support for them….

third: his encouraging women to bring up orphans (her children after being widowed)

the prophet (pbuh) says:'' i am the first to open the door of paradise so i see a woman racing me to go through the door with me, i say to her :who are you :she says :i am a woman who took care of my orphaned children.”

this is a woman whose husband died and she refused to marry although she needed it just for the sake of her children.

this woman will enter paradise the same time with the prophet (pbuh).

fourth: his warning from devouring the orphan’s money:

devouring the orphans' money is considered as on of the most sinful deeds; therefore the prophet pbuh said:'' avoid the seven most sinful deeds”. he was told “o messenger of allah what are they?” so he mentioned them till he said:'' and the one who devours the orphan’s money...

when the orphan grows up, all his money and guardians must be given to him. therefore devouring the orphan’s money in greed taking advantage of his weakness is forbidden, freezing his money and not investing it is forbidden and prohibited, neglecting and not maintaining it is prohibited and forbidden too.

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