His Prodding People to Support Widows

Article translated to : العربية

the widow is not only deprived from her husband, but she is also morally destructed and harmed, and in need to rely on someone. therefore our prophet (pbuh) was keen to relieve her distress and give her compassion. thus he said: “the supporter of the widow and the poor is considered to be a mujahid who strives in the way of allah. he is struggling and never gets tired. he is like the man who fast, and stays all day without food”

the supporter of the widow and the poor is the one who guarantee their need in food and exert all his efforts to ensure their benefit. “the supporter of the widow is typically like al mujahid who strive in the way of allah”

ibn qutaiba said: “the word widow describes the widowhood situation that reveals the poorness and the lost of physical support as the husband had died.”

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