People of Special Needs in the Pre-Islamic Societies

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lets have a quick look on the western history concerning dealing with handicapped people (who have special needs).we will find that the old european societies practiced severe careless and persecution upon those people. all parts of the society were against such people, whether rulers or normal people, they either sent the handicapped kids to death or left them to the deserts to eaten by the lions and wild birds.

the false thoughts and superstitions were the main reason for this relapse. that is because they thought that the mentally handicapped, for example, were transmigrated by the devils and bad souls. the western philosophers and scientists adopted these superstitions. spartious lycurgus laws and solon of athens allowed to get rid of those who cannot go for work or war. plato announced that these categories were malicious causing heavy burdens on the society and harming the republic idea.

herbert spencer asked the society to stop every help to those who have special needs, because they cause heavy loads without vain.

it is well known that the arab was killing the girls (after birth) fearing of disgrace, but they were more merciful on the handicapped people, although they were shrinking about eating with them.

this was the way how the world in the past dealt with the handicapped; executing them or using them in the forced labor. lately (in the modern history), both the eastern and western societies thought about the complete care for the handicapped, being a part of any society.

back to the time of prophet muhammad pbuh, let’s see how he treated people with special needs, and how his mercy was shown over them. this is a drop out of seas regarding his care and mercy upon those people….

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