The Priority towards them in Help and Care

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islam has settled on the assignment of the total care to the people with special needs and to guarantee all their needs. moreover, islam prioritizes this kind of people in acquiring all their relevant rights, and affirms that the fulfillment of their needs must come in the 1st priority. in addition to this, we must take good care of them more than other normal and healthy people.

a well known incident took place when our prophet (pbuh) frowned because a blind man came to him (he was abdullah ibn- umm- maktoum, one of the prophets companions) to ask him about a religeous matter, while he (pbuh) was introducing islam to the heads of some tribes. although, the blind man did not notice his (pbuh) frown nor feel it, allah the almighty, insist on putting things in the right way and rank the priorities. thus, glorified be allah sent down verses to admonish the merciful prophet (pbuh) by sending him a severe warning:

(the prophet (pbuh)) frowned and turned away, (1) because there came to him the blind man (i.e. 'abdullâh bin umm-maktûm, who came to the prophet (pbuh) while he was preaching to one or some of the quraish chiefs) (2) and how can you know that he might become pure (from sins)? (3) or that he might receive admonition, and that the admonition might profit him? (4) as for him who thinks himself self-sufficient, (5) to him you attend; (6) what does it matter to you if he will not become pure (from disbelief, you are only a messenger, your duty is to convey the message of allâh) (7) but as to him who came to you running (8) and is afraid (of allâh and his punishment), (9) of him you are neglectful and divert your attention to another, (10) nay, (do not do like this), indeed it (this qur'ân) is an admonition, (11) so whoever wills, let him pay attention to it. (12)” (abasa: verses 1-12).[1]

laitner”, an english researcher, interpreted the incident above as follows:

“…once, allah, the exalted, sent down a revelation to the prophet (pbuh) , containing a severe admonition because he neglected a blind man to address a wealthy man possessing a high authority. this revelation was of course told by the prophet, as any other revelation. if he (pbuh) was truly as described by some tendentious christians, this revelation would never exist.”[2]

furthermore, when the prophet (pbuh) meets this blind man he smiled to him and greets him with warm salutation saying:

welcome to the one,for his sake, allah the almighty blamed me”[3]

pursuant to this incident, we can see the reason for receiving this admonition when the prophet (pbuh) was occupied in preaching the dignitaries rather than undertaking the needs of this blind man, while he must give him the priority to get all what he needs before anyone else.

this incident shows one of the islamic law references to give the priority to the people of special needs for help and care.

[1] reference: (translation:eng-dr.mohsen)

[2] laitner: the islamic religion, p.12-13

[3] explained by al-kurtuby 184/19 and al-baydawy451

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