20. Cooperation

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a’ishah, with whom allah is pleased, was once asked about how the prophet, may allah exalt his mention, behaved with his family. she said:

'he helped and assisted his family members with their chores; but when the call to prayer was heard, he would leave to attend the prayers.'

al-baraa bin ‘azib, with whom allah is pleased, said:

‘i saw the messenger of allah, may allah exalt his mention, on the day of the trench carrying dirt [that was dug from the trench] until the dirt covered his chest. he was quite hairy. i heard him saying a few lines of abdullah b. rawaahah's poetry: 'o allah! had it not been for you, we would have never been guided, nor offered prayers or give in charity. o allah! let tranquility descend upon us, and make us firm when we meet our enemies. verily they have transgressed against us! and if they wish for an affliction we reject and refuse it! he, may allah exalt his mention, raised his voice while saying these lines of poetry.' (bukhari #2780)

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