Words in the Mouth

the prophecy proceeds further: '... and i will put my words into his mouth..' what does it mean when it is said 'i will put my words in your mouth’? you see, when i asked you (the dominee) to open deuteronomy, chapter 18, verse 18, at the beginning, and if i had asked you to read, and if you had read: would i be putting my words into your mouth? the dominee answered: "no." but, i continued: "if i were to teach you a language like arabic about which you have no knowledge, and if i asked you to read or repeat after me what i utter i.e.

would i not be putting these unheard words of a foreign tongue which you utter, into your mouth?" the dominee agreed that it was indeed so. in an identical manner, i said, the words of the holy qur'an, the revelation vouchsafed by the almighty god to
muhummed were revealed.

history tells us that muhummed was forty years of age. he was in a cave some three miles north of the city of mecca. it was the 27th night of the muslim month of ramadaan. in the cave the archangel gabriel commands him in his mother tongue: iqraa
which means read! or proclaim! or recite! muhummed is terrified and in his bewilderment replies:, ma-ana’ beqaari which means: i am not learned! the angel commands him a second time with the same result. for the third time the angel continues:

now, muhummed, grasps, that what was required of him was to repeat! to rehearse! and he repeats the words as they were put into his mouth:

"read! in the name of thy lord and cherisher, who created—
man, from a (mere) clot of congealed blood:
and thy lord is most bountiful, —
he who taught (the use of) the pen, —
man that which he knew not."
(sura 'alaq) holy qur'an 96: 1-5
these are the first five verses which were revealed to muhummed which now occupy the beginning of the 96th chapter of the holy qur'an.

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