The Faithful Witness

immediately the angel had departed, muhummed rushed to his home. terrified and sweating all over he asked his beloved wife khadija to 'cover him up!' he lay down, and she watched by him. when he had regained his composure, he explained to her what he had seen and heard. she assured him of her faith in him and that allah would not allow such a terrible thing to happen to him. are these the confessions of an imposter? would imposters confess that when an angel of the lord confronts them with a message from on high, they get fear-stricken, terrified, and sweating all over, run home to their wives? any critic can see that his reactions and confessions are that of an honest, sincere man, the man of truth — 'al-amin' — the honest, the upright, the truthful.

during the next twenty-three years of his prophetic life, words were 'put into his mouth', and he uttered them. they made an indelible impression on his heart and mind: and as the volume of the sacred scripture (holy qur'an) grew, they were recorded on palm-leaf fiber, on skins and on the shoulder-blades of animals; and in the hearts of his devoted disciples. before his demise these words were arranged in the order in which we find them today in the holy qur'an.

the words (revelation) were actually put into his mouth, exactly as foretold in the prophecy under discussion: 'and i will put my words in his mouth.' (holy bible) deut. 18:18.

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