god almighty chooses his own messengers, he uses his own standards although we may not always understand the wisdom of it. paul cries the anomaly -

for the jews require a sign (miracles to convince) and the greeks seek after wisdom:

(holy bible) i corinthians 1: 22

but worldly wise as paul was, he found that his wisdom was "a stumbling-block" to the jews and "foolishness" to the greeks.

god chose moses (pbuh) a man who was a fugitive from justice and a stutterer. the holy bible calls him a man with "uncircumcised lips." (exodus 6: 12).

despite his difficulties when commissioned to confront pharaoh, the greatest tyrant of the age, moses (pbuh) cries out to the god of mercy —

(moses) said: "o my lord! expand for me my breast;" 1

make my task easy for me;

"and remove the impediment from my speech,

"so that they may understand what i have to say:

"and give me a minister from my family,

"aaron, my brother; "add to my strength through him, "and make him share my task:

"that we may celebrate thy praise without stint,

"and remember thee without stint:

'for thou art he that (ever) regardeth us. (god) said: "granted is thy prayer, 0 moses!"

(sura ta'ha) holy qur'an 20:25-56


1. meaning – give me courage, make me bold.

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