then comes jesus (pbuh) who was chosen by god. according to christian teachings, he was a carpenter and the son of a carpenter, with a dubious genealogy as recorded in the gospels —

and jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed)1 the son of joseph...

(holy bible) luke 3: 25

acknowledged today by a thousand million muslims that jesus christ (pbuh) was born miraculously — without any male intervention; the followers of christ created two separate genealogies for a man who had no genealogy. between the gospels of matthew and luke they give this mighty messenger of god sixty-six fathers and grandfathers. and of these two separate lists only one name is common to these two lists and that is of joseph the carpenter, who does not fit in anywhere because, as luke records above, he was only the "supposed" father of jesus. 2


1. the words you see here in brackets are the exact replica from the king james and the roman catholic versions of the phrase – "(as was supposed)" brackets and all.

2. consult – "is the bible god’s word?" for a fuller explanation of these anomalies.

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