anyone with a modicum of scriptural knowledge will be able i guess who in the eyes of these arrogant, racist jews is "not-a people" — a non-entity and "a foolish nation" if not the ishmaelite cousins — the arabs who in the words of thomas carlyle have been "roaming unnoticed in its desert since the creation of the world."!?

the arabs. alexander the great passed them by: the persian. passed them by; the egyptians passed them by; and the roman; passed them by. it would have been an absolute liability for any nation to conquer and colonise them. but the creator did not pass them by. he picked them up from the depths of darkness and transformed them into torch-bearers of light and learning to the world. "i will move them "i will move them (the jews) to jealousy" 1 this jealousy is a cultivated sickness. remember, sarah and hagar the two wives of abraham (pbuh) — the friend of god. the jealousy of sarah was bequeathed to her children and on to nations and tribes yet unborn.

not so long ago i read a book on the discovery of medicine written by a jewish medical man. i can unfortunately not remember the name of the author and failed to retrace the book. however, the wordings of the tribute paid by this jewish author to his semetic (arab) cousins have made an indelible impression on my mind. and i quote from memory:

"goatherds and camel drivers sitting on the throne of the caesars"

full of spite, venom and sarcasm, but how true! this is what god did and always does. he honours whom he wills. this is what he does to show his mighty hand (power)?

it is surely one of the greatest miracles of history that from the backwater of arabia there should have exploded a group of men, companions of a prophet, who within the space of a few brief decades were able to create a magnificent civilisation extending from the pyrenees to the gates of china

abdul wadod shalabi in "islam religion of life:"

the last warning

the foregoing is the exact fulfilment of jesus christ's (pbuh), (the last of the great jewish prophets) own prediction of the displacement of the jewish race in the spiritual guidance of man. in the words of the master himself —

therefore i say unto you (jews), the kingdom of god shall be taken away from you (jews), and shall be given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

(holy bible) matthew 21: 452


1. if the romans or the greeks had displaced the jews as the "chosen of god" then the envy would not have been as acute or as intolerable to the jews.

2. "kingdom of god:" the honour, the privilege of being god’s chosen people to guide mankind – "ye (jews) shall be unto me (god almighty) a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation." (exodus 19:6) this grand commission ended with jesus (pbuh).

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