(iii) the comforter is definitely not the "holy ghost" because the coming of the comforter was conditional whereas that of the holy ghost was not as we observe in the prophecy —

nevertheless, i tell you the truth: it is expedient for you that i go for if i go not away, the comforter will not come unto you; but if i depart, i will send him unto you.

(holy bible) john 16: 7

"lf i don't go he won't come, but if i go, i will send him." there are numerous instances in the holy bible about the coming andgoing of the holy ghost, before the birth and departure of the messiah. do yourself a favour, please verify these references in your bible -

b.c. before christ's birth:

... and he (john the baptist) shall be
filled with the holy ghost,
even from his mother's womb.

(holy bible) luke 1: 15

2. ... and elizabeth was filled
with the holy ghost.

(holy bible) luke 1: 41

and his father zacharias was
filled with the holy ghost.

(holy bible) luke 1:67

a.c. after christ's birth:

4. ... and the holy ghost was upon him (simeon).
(holy bible) luke 2:26

5. and the holy ghost descended in a bodily
shape like a dove upon him (jesus).

(holy bible) luke 3:22

from the above quotations, before and after the birth of jesus (pbuh), one cannot help admiring st. luke who appears to be a specialist on the holy ghost we may well ask the christians, after the descent of the "dove", with whose help did jesus (pbuh) perform his many miracles if not with the help of the holy ghost? let the master himself tell us. when accused by his own people, the jews, that he was working in league with beelzebub (the chief of the devils) to work his miracles, jesus (pbuh) rhetorically questions them, "how can satan cast out satan?" the jews imputed that this spirit of holiness - the spirit of god - which was helping him, was devilish. this was treason of the highest order. so he gives them a dire warning:

... but the blasphemy against the holy ghost, it shall never be forgiven
(holy bible) matthew 12:31

this "holy ghost" is non other than what matthew himself has described in three verses before quoting the master:

but if i (jesus) cast out devils by the spirit of god, then the kingdom of god is come upon you.
(holy bible) matthew 12:28

compare the same statement by another gospel writer1

but if i (jesus) by the finger of god cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of god is come upon you.
(holy bible) luke 3:22

give a second glance at the two verses, top and bottom, and you cannot help concluding that they are almost indentical. why? the answer is in "is the bible god’s word?".

you do not have to be a bible scholar to understand that the expressions (a) "finger of god" (b) "spirit of god" and (c) "holy ghost" are all synonymous phrases. so the holy ghost was helping jesus (pbuh) in his ministry. the holy ghost was also helping his disciples on their missions of preaching and healing. if there is still any doubt in your minds about the workings of the holy ghost then please read:

empty promise my father hath sent me, even so i send you (the disciples of jesus),
and when he had said this, be breathed on them, and saith unto them,
receive ye the holy ghost

(holy bible) john 20: 21 –22

this was surely no empty promise. the disciples must have received the gift of the holy ghost. so if the "holy ghost" was with (1) john the baptist, (2) elizabeth. (3) zacharias. (4) simeon. (5) jesus and (6) the disciples of jesus; then all this makes nonsense of the saying that "if i go not away, the comforter will not come unto you." therefore the comforter is not the holy ghost?

the verse under discussion is john 16: 7. i remember the thrill and joy 1 got out of it when quoting it in arabic to the coptic christian lady in the land of the pharaohs ( discussed earlier). the pleasure is immense when expounding biblical verses in the standard native language of a country or locality. i have done it in a dozen different vernaculars. won't you master the above verse in a language or two of your choice for the good of islam?

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