and he will show you things to come.

(holy bible) john 16: 13

the christians put great weight on the fulfilment of prophecies. muhummed (pbuh) fulfilled many prophecies of the old1 and the new testaments. to them, the prediction of events is considered to be the function of true prophecy — true prophethood.

the prophet of islam uttered many prophecies which are recorded for posterity in the holy qur'an. here are a few taken at random.

1. verily. he who (god almighty) ordained the qur'an for thee, (he) will bring thee back to the place of return...
(sura qasas) holy qur'an 28: 85

"place of return," is a title of the holy city of makkah. during the hijrat (migration) when the holy prophet was fleeing from makkah to madinah. it was a hopeless situation. most of his followers had already migrated to madinah. now it was his turn. together with abu bakr (as-siddiq) he had reached a place called juhfa, when this assurance was given by god that once again he will return to his birth-place makkah, and so he did.

he migrated as a refugee and god returns him as a conquerer, fulfilling yet another prophecy.2

and he (moses) said, the lord came from sinai, and rose from seir unto them; he shined forth from mount paran (that is in arabia), and he (muhummed) came with ten thousand saints:3from his right hand went a fiery law for them.
(holy bible) deuteronomy 33: 2


you will finds some of these prophecies expounded in – "what the bible says about muhummed (pbuh)".

2. for a detailed exposition of this book read "muhummed (pbuh) in the bible" by abdul-ahad dawud; former bishop of uramiah.

3. the holy prophet was accompanied by 10 000 sahabas (companions – veritable saints) at the conquest of makkah.

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