The Saints in Islam and Christianity

if in every age and period, there have been christian saints who have condemned fighting and who rose to the pinnacles of human brotherhood-indeed, of brotherhood among all element of the universe-so there were among the muslims saints who have reached these very pinnacles and related themselves to all existence and being in a bond of brotherhood, love, and illumination and who realized within their souls the very unity of being. these saints, however, whether muslim or christian, do not represent human life in its constant development and struggle toward perfection. rather they represent the highest example of the realization of that perfection. the general run of men, however, seek to understand and realize such perfection, but neither their reason nor their imagination succeeds in doing so with any amount of precision or completeness. their attempts to realize it are understandable as preliminaries and trials. one thousand three hundred and fifty-seven years have so far passed since the emigration of the arab prophet from makkah to madinah. throughout these years men have increased their capacities to fight, improved their devilish art of war, and made its weapons more destructive than ever. however, disarmament and the cessation of war are still words of mere propaganda spread before the eyes of the credulous in war after war, each more devastating than the preceding. these noble ideals have hardly been more than propaganda claims made by people thus far incapable-and who knows, perhaps never capable of realizing any such desiderata, of bringing true peace into the world, a peace of brotherhood and justice instead of an armed peace which is only a preliminary to another war.

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