How the Western Media portrays Islam

Article translated to : العربية

let us evaluate how media portrays ........

muslims are fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists!
what do you think…?

let's read some news…

killing own children and wife

so what do non-muslims do???

this is media depiction of events.
they never write christian/jews/ atheist/parsis etc... killed his daughter/son etc…

only they write and mention if he is muslim.
this make you think of muslims as extremists and fundamentalists.
let's find some more crimes…

incest crimes

by non-muslims

what about terrorism….the following are muslims

then who are the following ???

these are non-muslims.

are not they terrorists??? ????????

killer always belongs to some religion or faith. they only mention when he is a muslim.

one might say…
but muslims are suicide bombers ….they are real terrorists

let's have a look at the following

the above are muslims
then who are the following


islam derived from the arabic word “salam” which means peace. then will it allow to break it????