Takbeer upon Ascending the Heights and Tasbeeh upon Descending while Travelling

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Takbeer upon Ascending the Heights and Tasbeeh upon Descending while Travelling


»Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah: "Whenever we went up a place we would say, "Allahu-Akbar (Allah is Greatest)", and whenever we went down a place we would say, "Subhan Allah (Praise be to Allah)." « ([1])


»Ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: Whenever the Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon Him) mounted his camel for setting out on a journey, he would recite: "Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greatest),'' thrice. Then he (PBUH) would supplicate:

 "Subhanal-ladhi sakh-khara lana hadha, wa ma kunna lahu muqrinin, wa inna ila Rabbina lamunqalibun. Allahumma inna nas'aluka fi safarina hadh al-birra wat-taqwa, wa minal-'amali ma tarda. Allahumma hawwin 'alaina safarana hadha, watwi 'anna bu'dahu. Allahumma Antas-Sahibu fissafar, wal-Khalifatu fil-ahl. Allahumma inni a'udhu bika min wa'ta'is-safari, wa kaabatil-manzari, wa su'il-munqalabi fil-mali wal-ahl.

(Glorified be the One Who has made this subservient to us, for we have no power to subjugate it, and certainly to our Lord shall we return. O Allah, we ask You during this journey of ours for righteousness, piety and such deeds as are pleasing to You. O Allah, make easy for us this journey of ours and make the distance short for us. O Allah, You are our Companion during the journey and the Guardian of the family in our absence. O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the hardships of travelling, unhappiness connected with ghastly scenes and evil turns in property and family).''

When he returned, he recited this supplication making addition of these words: "Ayibuna, ta'ibuna, 'abiduna, li-Rabbina hamidun (We are those who return; those who repent; those who worship and those who praise our Lord).'' «([2])





([1]) Sahih al-Bukhari – Kitab al-Jihad wal Sayr (3992).


([2]) Sunnan Abi Dawoud – Kitab al-Jihad (9952).

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