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The commissioning of Muhammad (pbuh)

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this topic may come as a bolt from the blue to non-muslims, and may even

bewilder some to the extent to conclude that it is a kind of hoax that the

unlettered prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) was indeed prophesized on

many occasions in the bible. right reason tells that the truth prevails over

falsehood, as allah says:

"that the truth stands out clear from error..."

we are also told in the quran that allah, by his mercy, sent prophets to all

nations of the world and the last of them was muhammad (pbuh), the seal of all

prophets. while each of the previous prophets was sent to a certain tribe with a

particular mission and at a specific time, prophet muhammad (pbuh) was sent

for all mankind. his message was the final revelation, the last testament and

the complete code of life with a universal and comprehensive characters

applicable to all mankind until the last day.

it was long after the departure of jesus (pbuh), around the early part

of the seventeenth century, that during the so called dark ages that muhammad

(pbuh) was commissioned as prophet. he was unschooled, yet a wonderful

counselor and a prince of peace. he was the one who established a government

(law) unparalleled in justice and was the "counselor" and "prince of peace"

revealed to isaiah (pbuh). he was the "prophet like unto moses", revealed to

moses (pbuh), and the progeny of kedar, ismael and abraham, peace be upon

them. he was the one spoken to "my lord" by prophet david (pbuh), and the

one alluded to and expected by jesus (pbuh) as the "counselor" or "comforter",

the "holy spirit" and the "spirit of truth" to come. he was "the prophet" whom

john and the baptist predicted to come. the one who he said would be mightier

than he and whose shoes he is not worthy to bear. his name was prophet muhammad

(pbuh), whose message was same in essence and purpose as the


previous revelations which calls for man's total submission to the will of allah

(the worship of the only true god).

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