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About the Truth

2506 2010/04/10 2024/07/21

anyone who undertakes a judicious study about the bible and approach the subject matter with an open mind, will certainly discover the truth of the roles played by both prophets ismael and isaac (peace be upon them). since both were sons of prophet abraham (pbuh), therefore, their descendants were brethren to each other; prophet muhammad (pbuh) was through prophet ismael (pbuh) and similarly, prophet jesus (pbuh) was through prophet isaac (pbuh).

the prophecies in the bible, e.g., that of deuteronomy, obviously, unveil the truth and that those beliefs which were considered absolute truths were, in fact, false. for, indeed, no other prophets who followed prophet moses (pbuh) were worthy of honor in any respect, except prophet muhammad (pbuh), the direct descendant of prophet ismael (pbuh) and the progeny of prophet abraham (pbuh).


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