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Further Analysis (Comparison)

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further analysis regarding the circumstances surrounding the lives of moses, jesus and muhammad (peace be upon them) in relation with (deut. 18:18):


"i will raise up a prophet for them like you (moses)..."




- both moses and muhammad (pbuh) were born normally, while jesus(pbuh) was an extraordinary. (see matt. 1:18).



civil status

- both married and raised children, while jesus (pbuh) remaineda bachelor.




- both received revelations (torah or law to moses and qur'an to muhammad (pbuh), while jesus (pbuh) according to the book of matthew (5:17), came only to confirm the law and the prophets but did not bring a new law (revelation).



status as prophets

- both were accepted as prophets by their own people, while jesus (pbuh), was rejected. (see luke 3:23, matt. 10:5-6 and john 18:36).



status as citizens

- both were kings, established governments and broughtlaws for their subjects to follow. both were acknowledged as religious, spiritual, political and military leaders. on the other hand, the fact that jesus(pbuh) came to uphold the law and the prophets yet his disciples were not prepared to practice his teachings for he had to submit to the laws of caesar according to luke (20:25).




- both died a natural death and were buried, while jesus (pbuh) according to luke (24:50) and mark (15:37) met a violet death. however, in another source, we read a different view which is totally in contradiction with the established christian doctrine. the prayers of jesus (pbuh) in gethsemane asking for his safety according to matthew (26:39) and luke (22:42-43) were in fact answered. he was saved by god, as being confirmed in hebrew (5:7) which made his story different from that of the well-established doctrine. in fact, jesus (pbuh) was neither crucified nor killed by the jews,rather, he was saved by god, which incidentally, confirmed by the qur'an in surah "an-nisaa," (4:157-158).




- most christians today believe jesus (pbuh) to be god or son of

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