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Some Merits of the Prophet

Article translated to : العربية

you should know that our prophet’s merits and distinctions are many. among them are:

1.            the noble manners and fine qualities for which allah  the almighty  praised him when he said:

"and indeed, you are of a great moral character." (68:4)

the prophet pbuh himself said,

"i have been sent to perfect the noble traits of character." (at-tabarani)

2.            mercy and compassion for his ummah and toward all people for which allah the almighty praised him, saying:

and we have not sent you [o muhammad] except as a mercy to the worlds. (21:107) and he has been merciful to the believers. (33:43) so by mercy from allah, you [o muhammad] were lenient with them. and if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. (3:159)

and the prophet pbuh said, "i am but a bestowed mercy."  (al-hakim – graded as saheeh by al-albani)

 allah's care for him from the time of his birth, as he said:

did he not find you an orphan and give [you] refuge? and he found you lost and guided [you]. and he found you poor and made [you] self-sufficient. (93:6-8)

3.           allah's mention of expanding his breast[1] and exalting his reputation:

 did we not expand for you your breast? and we removed from you your burden which had weighed upon your back and we raised high for you your repute. (94:1-4)

4.          his prophet being the "seal of the prophets" as almighty allah said: muhammad is not the father of [any] one of your men, but [he is] the messenger of allah and seal [i.e., last] of the prophets. (33:40) the prophet pbuh explained:

"the example of me and the prophets before me is like a man who built a house. he did it well and completed it except for the place of a brick at one of the corners. people began to walk around it and wonder at the building, saying, 'shouldn't a brick be placed here to complete your building?' i am that brick."  (al-bukhari and muslim)

5.           his distinction over other prophets, as he pbuh said,

 "i was favoured over the other prophets in six ways: i was given concise but comprehensive speech, i am supported with terror [in the hearts of my enemies], war booty has been made lawful for me, the earth has been made for me a means of purification and place of prayer, i have been sent to all creation and the prophets are ended with me."  (muslim)

6.          he pbuh is the most righteous of creation and most honourable, as evidenced in the hadith saying,

"i am muhammad ibn `abdullah ibn `abdul-muttalib. allah, the exalted created the creation and placed me among the best of them; then he made them into two groups and placed me in the best group; then he made them into tribes and placed me in the best tribe; then he made them into families and placed me in the best family. so i am the best of you in family and the best of you as an individual."  (ahmad and abu dawud – graded as saheeh by al-albani)

7.           he pbuh is the owner of the pool and the intercessor on the day of resurrection. for he pbuh said,

"i will be at the pool before you, awaiting you. some men from among you will be brought up to me until, when i have recognized them, they will be removed from me. i will say, 'my lord, my companions!' but it will be said to me, 'indeed, you do not know what they innovated after you.'" (al-bukhari)

the prophet pbuh also said,

"for every prophet is a supplication which he made and was answered, but i have saved my supplication to be intercession for my ummah on the day of resurrection." (al-bukhari and muslim)

8.          he pbuh will be the people's r leader on the day of resurrection, as he pbuh said,

"i will be the leader of the children of adam on the day of resurrection, without pride; and in my hand will be the standard of praise, without pride. there will be no prophet, not adam or any other, but that he will be under my standard, and i will be the first to intercede and the first intercessor, without pride."  (ahmad and at-tirmidhi – graded as saheeh by al-albani)

9.          he pbuh will be the first to enter paradise on the day of resurrection. he pbuh said,

"i will be the first to knock on the door of paradise, and the keeper will say, 'who are you?' i will say, 'i am muhammad.' so he will say, 'i shall stand up and open for you. i have never stood for anyone before you and i will not stand for anyone after you.'"  (muslim)

10.       he pbuh is a good example for every person who hopes to meet allah the almighty, to enter his paradise and escape his hellfire. allah said:

there has certainly been for you in the messenger of allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in allah and the last day and who remembers allah often. (33:21)

11.         he pbuh did not speak anything out of his own desire. in fact, everything he said about the religion and its legislation is considered to be of the inspiration which contains no falsehood. as allah the almighty stated:

 he does not speak from [his own] inclination. it is not but a revelation revealed. (53:3-4)


[1] i.e., enlightening, assuring and gladdening his heart with guidance.

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